Recycled Tire Tiles
  • Rugged, heavy duty Tire tile, made from discarded truck and airplane tire.
  • Patented manufacturing process is used to convert used truck tires into tiles.
  • Slip resilient Spike proof material is ideal for high traffic entrance areas such as shopping malls, airports, golf and ski courses, schools , retail and office environments.
  • Indoor and outdoor use.
  • Comes in 12″ x 12″ tiles and also in strips of 12″ x 25 feet, easy to install.

Our plain Coir Doormats are made from selected coconut coir fibers and woven in a tough base with braided edges. Densely woven coir fibers absorb water and brush to whisk away traffic dirt and moisture from foot wear. These mats can be used for household and commercial entrances. We have the capability of custom manufacturing according to specifications.


We are capable of reproducing your logo or personalization on any of our coco mats. We use fade resistant paint and high quality ink. We have a fast turnaround process and can meet high volume demands.


We offer coco mats that come with a vinyl backing. These coco mats are ideal to be used in recessed areas in entrance ways. We offer them in widths of 15mm, 17mm, 19 mm, 21 mm and 29 mm to fit any recesses. These mats can be cut into desirable measurements. They come in long 12.5 meters rolls with a maximum width of 2 meters.


A traditional cocomat printed with our designs as well as traditional designs like Greek key etc. Ink for the design is imprinted deep within the coco fibers of the mat to ensure a long lasting and sharp design. They come in thickness of 1” and 1.75” . We offer them in a natural backing as well as a vinyl backing.


Coco matting made from natural coco fiber, these heavy duty matting is mostly used in the industry as a safety mat against oil fields. They come in rolls of 150 feet and widths of 18” , 27”, 36” , 45” , 54” , AND 72” . We can custom cut the matting into various lengths and attach canvas ends to prevent the cut ends from fraying.


The discarded and used tires that we collect , the side walls of the tire is used for our ‘TREAD TILE” , parts of the tire is stripped to make our tire link mats, and the rest of the tire is crushed into powder to manufacture our water retainer mats, rubber scroll mats and tire mats.


Mats made from heavy duty coco fiber, are tightly woven to produce our horse van ramp mats. The tight weaving of these mats provide a slip resistant pathway for the horses to walk up the ramp of the trailer.


Our road roller mats are mats are made from rugged coco fiber. These mats serve as excellent scraper of dirt from large road roller drums. We offer these in more than 75 sizes ranging from 4” wide to 12” wide. We can also custom manufacture to specifications.


Left over coco fiber that is not used for the manufacture of our coco door mats, we convert into coco growing products. Our coco growing medium blocks is a 100 % natural coco potting mix also known as coco peat. It is used a soil reconditioner and structure improver. This 11 lb block is mildew resistant and repels bugs termites and other pests. Each block expands to 17 gallons of mix.Our COCO MULCH BLOCK is a 100% organic bio degradable coco husk product. Provides covering for the garden keeping it moist. Will not mildew or attact bugs. One quart makes upto 55 quarts of mulch.

  • Constructed of tough layers of truck tire material
  • Absorbs 80% of impact force
  • Anchor bolts are protected by 3″ of rubber to prevent damage
  • Long lasting and provides years of protection
  • Maintenance free
  • The thickness indicates how far the bumper will stand out from the dock